The days just slip away…

Dear Readers,

I’m sorry it has been so long since I have written…
The past month has been filled with some house showings, the beginning of a new job for my husband, a stomach bug, and many joy-filled moments in between.

Our little E is just so big. Every time I look at her. And isn’t that always how it is? You feel like you will never be past the late night feedings/dirty diapers and then I look at her sitting on the potty or hear her say FULL sentences and I am blown away.
L is SO close to walking and seems to be doing new things every day…whether clapping his tiny little hands or eating a jelly sandwich.
And I just think… when did this happen?

I would like to say that things will be slowing down, but as we get ready to sell the house (it is currently under contract!) I know that will mean more to-do lists, packing, and preparations for this next season of life.

In the midst of this, I am praying the Lord will give me a heart that rejoices and looks forward to all He has in store with these new changes.
There are so many things I will miss about Alabama.. our church, friends, the local library, food (meat and 3’s, where have you been all my life?) and I absolutely love our pediatrician.
But the Lord is sovereign and I’m thankful His plans are never based on what would be most comfortable for me…how many blessings I would have missed had that been the case!
Honestly… I am one for adventures. Adam and I have had a very “filled” 3 years of marriage and now we will just be taking this next adventure with our two sweet little ones.

I will try, even as things remain busy, to post a little more frequently!

I hope each of you are enjoying your Decembers and even in these days of shopping/cooking/planning/wrapping that you are MOST joyful and MOST full of the thought of Christ.
Will be posting more on the thought of Christmas soon…

Till then.


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